Pregnancy and a Healthy Sex Life

Of course, you should enjoy sex in pregnancy says Tilda from London escorts. Just make sure that you are comfortable in bed, and don’t over do it. The baby is well protected and you should not worry too much. However, if you notice any worrying symptoms, or experience discomfort, you should talk to your doctor or midwife. Some people even say that if you have a healthy sex life during pregnancy, you will have an easier labor. I am not sure about that, and none of the girls at this London escorts service have had babies yet.

Also, you need to be aware that your body is going to go through a lot, so you need to eat right. I must admit that I think the majority of my colleagues here at London escorts are rather healthy, and eat well, but if they were to fall pregnant, I am sure that they would focus even more on their diet. I love to give healthy eating advice to the girls here at London escorts, and I think that food should be our medicine. Personally, I am always paying attention to what I eat and I know that people are becoming more and more interested in diet.

Your skin changes in pregnancy as well. The fact is that your skin will need more moisture in pregnancy, and you need to make sure you use the right products. Recently, I have been trying to inspire my colleagues here at London escorts to use more natural products. We are exposed to so many hazards in the environment that it is important to pay attention to what you use. This becomes even more important in pregnancy as the baby absorbs everything that you put into your body. A former colleague of mine here at London escorts is trying for a baby, and I have told her to even be careful before conception.

Exercise is another factor that we should consider in pregnancy. My crazy friend Annie who is totally hooked on spinning, did actually spin her way through her pregnancy. That was fine for her, and as a former tri-athlete her body was up to that. Most of the girls here at London escorts would like to be as fit as Annie but it is not easy to get there. Exercising normally through pregnancy is fine, and I think that most of the sexiest and cheapest escorts on I work with would be just fine.

We worry a lot about pregnancy but it is all about staying healthy. You don’t need to put on tons of weight, and my friend Annie fitted into her skinny jeans two weeks after giving birth. Actually she did not gain a lot of weight at all. A lot of that was down to her fitness routine, and having the support of her husband. We all need to look after ourselves but we should do so all of the time and not only when we are pregnant. And here is a tip, check out raspberry leaf tea, it will make you feel great.

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