Escorts discuss sex after having a baby

I love my little girls, says Lavender from London escorts, but things have certainly changed since I worked for London escorts services. However, I must say that I did have a great time working for London escorts, and I would do it again. Of course, I would have to, as I would never have met the father of my baby girl otherwise. He is a former date, and we just happen to fall madly in love. We started to date, got married and all of a sudden we were pregnant. It was a surprise but we both love this time of our life.

Sex is at the moment not that exciting. First of all the baby is only three months, and keeps us both busy. We love but she does love her middle of the night feed, and makes sure that she lets us know when she is not happy. Recently, a couple of my old friends from the most outstanding London escorts looked after her, so we could have a night out. It was great, but despite baby being in the trusted company of my London escorts friends, we worried about her. A couple of times I almost rushed home to be with her.

We do make love, but we are both super conscious of baby. My husband might be worth than me, and he just listens for every sound. We are kissing one minute, and the next minute, he is up with the baby. My girlfriends at London escorts say that he is a real fuss pot. That is probably true but he is a wonderful father. But, there has been times when baby has interrupted moments of passion. My former colleagues at London escorts laugh at me, but even they appreciate how tough it can be with a new baby and an anxious dad in the house.

At the moment I find that we make love. When I was still working for London escorts, I used to come home and we had passionate sex. Now, that has changed a lot and we are very gentle with each other. My boobs are sore all of the time, and he seems to have changed as well. To be honest, he always used to have a bit of a slow hand that I enjoyed, but now he is really gentle with me. I tell my friends at London escorts that he treats me like a princess, but I am loving the experience.

I think that it will take some time to get our sex life back on track. Having a baby is such a major change in your life, and your libido changes. The girls at London escorts have offered several times to look after the baby as much as I like but I need to be really close to her. I couldn’t just drop everything and go out for dinner every weekend. It would not be fair on me, and it would not be fair on baby. I am sure the passion will come back.

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