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Sex After Pregnancy: How To Tell If You’Re Ready And What To Expect

Resuming sexual intercourse with your partner after giving birth can present a few challenges. Pregnancy and childbirth bring about changes within a woman’s body, some of which are temporary while others are permanent. These changes can affect how a woman enjoys sex now, as well as effecting her opinion and mental state in regards to sex. While nonexistent in the West, many cultures also have taboos against having sex while pregnant; if this applies to you, you may likely find additional obstacles in resuming sex and the need to proceed slowly, as it has been so long.

First, it is important to avoid resuming sexual intercourse until the woman is fully healed and recovered from childbirth. Generally, this can be anywhere from two weeks to one month after giving birth. Not doing so can result in serious medical problems for the woman which will require medical intervention. However, once the woman is healed, pleasurable sexual intercourse is very possible.

Both you and your partner will likely notice differences in sensations, though this is not a bad thing. Many women experience greater pleasure after pregnancy and childbirth, due to differences in hormone levels that can contribute to greater sensitivity of the genitals and breasts. Many men also find the physical changes to their partner’s bodies quite arousing, as she will be curvier, with fuller hips, thighs, and breasts.

It is important, also, to go slowly, taking time to enjoy each other and making accommodations as necessary. For example, women are often more flexible after childbirth due to relaxation of ligaments; however, putting excessive pressure on joints (perhaps due to trying more adventureous positions) can result in discomfort and even injury. This isn’t a major concern, but it is important that the woman listens to her body and mentions when something is uncomfortable or when she feels that a different position might be better.

Emotionally, resuming sex after pregnancy and childbirth can be unpredictable. You will likely both have reservations and perhaps be a little nervous after not having intercourse for so long. This is where going slowly and extending foreplay for both parties can be helpful as it lets you ease into the experience and both draws out and increases pleasure for you both. It also serves to not over stimulate either of you so that you may fully enjoy the experience and each other.

Keeping this information in mind, you can more greatly ensure that when you and your partner resume sexual intercourse, it will be a pleasurable experience for you both.

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