My boyfriend started to date a girl from another Whitechapel escorts service.

I don’t mind but it was the way he broke up with me that really upset me. He told me that I was not hot enough anymore and that was it. We were sat in a pub at the time, and I was just left sitting there. As a matter, he did not even pay for the drinks. I could not believe that I had been left without a boyfriend and had to pay the bar bill. I was not a happy girl.


The next day, I went into to start my shift with Whitechapel escorts like a new person. I was more determined than ever before, and yes, I was looking for revenge. This had happened to me once too often, and I know that many other girls at Whitechapel escorts from had been disappointed, feeling disappointed and let down by men. But what do you do? I was not sure at all, but I really felt that I needed to do something.


My boyfriend had been bragging about how much he loved hos car. It seemed to be a an extension of him, and he said that it always made him feel very masculine. A lot of men seem to have special relationships with their cars, but I think that my boyfriend had taken it to the extreme. He used to it the Sex Machine and even claimed that all of is girlfriends had been turned on by the car. I was not sure is true at all. The car was okay, but I can’t really say that it had turned me on.


I was really angry with my ex, and on a night out with the girls from Whitechapel escorts, I tried to figure out what to do. One of the girls I had worked with for a very long time at Whitechapel escorts had this wonderful dad who owned a car restoration company. When one of her boyfriend had ditcher her, he had picked up her boyfriend’s car and done a job on it she said. It was great and the perfect revenge on a man who is fascinated with his car she said. I thought about the idea and was not sure if it was worth it.


A couple of days later, I saw my ex driving his car. He had three really sexy blondes in it, and it made my blood boil. It was about time I did something about the situation, and it was not long before I was picking up the phone to call my friend at Whitechapel escorts. It was time we did something about this. Somehow my boyfriend’s car disappeared mysteriously only to reappear a couple of days later. It had been resprayed pink and had gorgeous big eye lashes on the headlights. Of course, he had reported it stolen, but from what I can gather, even the police thought it was rather funny . I certainly thought that it was hilarious. Now who is not hot enough anymore!


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