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The drop in interest rates was a new disaster for many of the girls here at Kings Cross escorts. Most of us work really hard and we try to save as much money as possible. But, it really makes you wonder if it is worth saving your money. To me, it seems that the government is really quick to bankroll business, maybe they should look at bankrolling private individuals instead. I think that would be a much better idea, and would be a step in the right direction.

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Many of the girls who work for Kings Cross escorts are rather young and need to save their money. The problem is that it is not easy to get started. You are not going to believe this, but when I first moved to London, I got started by saving a pound every day. I thought that London was going to be the land of milk and honey, but that was not the way at all. To be honest, London is probably one of the most expensive cities in the world today. Everything seems to be expensive, and it is hard to manage.


Like I tell my girlfriends at Kings Cross escorts, I am still saving a pound per day. Okay, I know that it only mounts up to £365 per year, but it all adds up. I do save in other ways as well, and I have a rather frugal lifestyle. Many of the girls who work with me at the local escort agency spend a fortune on stuff, but I try to make sure that I look after my money. At the end of the month, I always transfer the balance in my current account into my savings account.


There are many other things that you can do as well. Apart from putting £1 everyday in my piggy bank, I do a lot of other things. It is really important to make the most of things like clubcard and loyalty cards. Some of the girls here at Kings Cross escorts do not believe in them at all, but I do  and my wallet is full of loyalty cards. Of course, I also save a lot of money by shopping in the budget supermarkets. There is no need to spend a fortune when you can spend less. This is a really good way to save money.


Not all of the girls here at Kings Cross escorts are worried about money. They have rich boyfriends to look after them. Okay have a rich guy to look after you is nice, but I am not so sure that it is for me at all. I so much prefer being independent and looking after myself. The thing is that many boyfriends try to be controlling, and that is something that I do agree with at all. When I date a guy, I want him to really appreciate me and not try to be my boss. Some guys find that really hard, and I am not sure that all of the guys that I met at the escort agency, could handle my in my private life. Perhaps I am a bit too independent for their liking.


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