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When I first moved to the UK, I did used to have a really healthy diet, but since moving here, it has been slipping a lot. A friend of mine who had lived in England before, said that she had not enjoyed English food at all, but I love it. My neighbour is English and she is a really good chef. I love all of the food that she cooks, and she is always inviting me over. I have out on a little bit of weight, but I have not really seriously piled on the pounds. That is probably more luck than anything else, and excess weight would not really help me at Luton escorts.

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One of my favorite dinners in the UK is the English roast dinner and I totally love that. When I don’t work the Sunday shift at Luton escorts, I often end up enjoying a Sunday dinner. I know that it is has tons of calories in it but I cannot help it. First of all, I am totally in love with roast potatoes, and I love Yorkshire puddings as well. I know that it is really bad for me but I cannot help it.
The other thing that I am really mad on is fish and chips. In Poland we get all of those horrible skinny chips, but here in the UK you have the nice big chunky ones. I am just addicted to chunky chips and I love them. The other thing that I really like is curry sauce. The curry sauce here in the UK is different and I love to dip my chips in the curry sauce. It is not naughty and I try not to have it too often but that is easier said than done.
We do have Indian restaurants in Poland, but they are not a patch on your curry restaurants in the UK. The girls at Luton escorts love to go out for curry, and I am afraid that I have become just as addicted to eating curries as my colleagues at Luton escorts. The nan breads are a real killer and I love eating nan breads. I know that you can get some speciality nan breads and my favorite ones are the ones with coconut in them. They do really taste nice and I cannot get enough of them.
Fortunately we have a really good gym here in Luton and I do go to it with my friends at Luton escort. Most of the girls are really into exercise and like I say to them, it does help to keep em slim. A lot of English girls eat a lot more than us Polish girls. They still manage to stay slim and I think helps that they are so active all of the time. Many of my gents who I meet up with also like to eat out a lot. You can easily say that we are all food addicts in one way or another. I did not expect to fall in love with English food but I certainly have fallen in love with it. Going back to Poland is not going to be easy at all.

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