Broken marriage leads me to become a Woolwich Escort.

I did not expect that my husband and I will end up our relationship. I always look forward to having a beautiful family and complete. The experience I never had before. It was a dream for me when I walk into the aisle.

When you grow up in a broken family, you always look forward to having a good life. You dream that when you have your family in the future, it won’t be like your family now. It was a lousy past for me. I spend my life staying in a family that I don’t own anymore. I stayed with mom after their separation from dad. She finds another guy and had children with him. Her world only evolves on her new family and her husband does not treat me well. They even introduce their children to me as a maid to hide embarrassment.

I keep reminiscing about my life before when we are not yet broken, when I still have my father and mom together. I can remember that my mom always loves to cook our favorite food, and together we eat. My father always plays with me and gave me a surprise. I thought we would spend together for a lifetime. Those memories are still fresh in me.

My father had an affair that caused my mom on leaving him. They got divorced and my father did not visit me since then. The custody was given to my mom and lived her for a year. Until she married again and I was out of the family.

Many times I want to escape that life. Yes, they send me to school in return for serving them back. I was treated like different and hide me from everyone. We moved to Woolwich to bury the past of mom and began living there.

I met Joseph at our school. He is asking me to become his girlfriend. I am not so sure about him, but he always makes me smile. He still makes everything for my happiness and always at my side. He was there when no one else my dramas in life. He promises me many things in life about our future together and will give me a good life. I thought she would stand to it and that is why I agreed to marry her and get away my mom.

But our marriage life turns sour; he becomes so jealous to the point of locking me in the house and keeps beating me.

I decided to divorce him and find a job away from everyone. I become Woolwich escorts from that help me to become a better person. Thanked God that I discovered that career and never wasted it.

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